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The (Virtual) World of Rights Keeps Spinning

Although this year has seen several major book fairs go virtual again (London, Bologna to name but two), the permanent closure of others (Book Expo), it has also resulted in some virtual fairs that are real "new kids on the block." The US Book Show (end of May 2021 but available on-demand til August) and the Edelweiss Bookfest (June 8-9) both offer different takes on US publishing specifically, but have offered the opportunity to see what's new in the book world.

Many publishing professionals like myself would prefer to be meeting our global colleagues in person, but until such time that the world will allow such gatherings, these virtual shows have offered a way to keep in touch as well as to make new connections that we might not otherwise have made. As an aside, I think learning how to navigate in a more virtual world has been beneficial for most people, so although I know "Zoom fatigue" is real when there are too many meetings in one day, keeping connections growing consistently despite not being together is invaluable.

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