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Welcome to the Know Your Rights Blog!

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Hello there and welcome to Gryphon Publishing Consulting's "Know Your Rights" blog! Here, we will post articles to help educate you on permissions and copyright, whether by highlighting interesting copyright news, links for additional reading on current issues and legislation, or other items we think you will find educational and fun in the world of copyright.

No, really. Copyright can be fun.


Ok, a serious topic indeed, but that doesn't mean we can't be amused while we learn. ;-)

There is an abundance of material in the really real world as well as on the internet that will help illustrate the intricacies of intellectual property, but they are not all by any means boring. Some stories will make you laugh while others will cause you to gape in amazement.

The aim here is to educate you on copyright in a fun and engaging way. We hope you learn. We hope you will engage with us.

And most of all, we hope you will come back to read again and again.

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