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Looking to Grow Brand Recognition or Revenue? Look to Licensing!

Indeed while it is Gryphon Publishing Consulting's mission to help publishers grow their reach through licensing as well as license third party materials the right way (i.e., inbound and outbound permissions and rights), it still is surprising to meet publishers or authors who aren't aware of the potential of this ancillary marketplace for their content.

MJ was recently interviewed by the IBPA's Independent magazine on the viability of licensing for publishers. While the overall licensing market for a particular book or list depends on the type of property and its overall appeal, most titles can indeed benefit from a smart licensing plan.

Check out the article here and please do let us know in the comments if you have any questions or follow-up that you'd further detail on in a forthcoming article. Or of course, you are welcome to contact us directly for more information and a free consultation of your business' licensing potential.

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