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Copyright and IP: Days of Celebration

Today marks World Intellectual Property Day 2019. Sponsored by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), this annual event revolves around a certain theme for study around a certain issue in intellectual property. This year's theme is "Reach for the Gold: IP and Sports," and there are a TON of great articles on the WIPO site about photography rights, IP and the Olympic Games, patents for sports equipment, and more. If you've never really had an interest in learning just what IP can affect in your daily life, this site makes a very compelling way to bone up on all things intellectual property.

This past Tuesday, April 23 was also World Book and Copyright Day, sponsored by UNESCO. This international celebration of reading and books not only celebrates the impact of books on people and cultures worldwide, but how books continue to help promote creativity and diversity.

As part of the World Book Day celebrations, a world book capital is selected as a representation of everything books. This year's capital is Sharjah. Learn more about the World Book Capital here.

Happy Reading!

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