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Work for Hire

The internet makes it easy to find images to promote your brand, but did you know that you can't simply grab an image or illustration that you like and add it to your promotional piece, website, or social media account(s) without properly licensing the material?

If you aren't a creative person who can make your own art or photos, or you can't properly license an image through vendors like Shutterstock or Corbis, the best way to obtain creative pieces for use in your promotions is by obtaining the rights for new material under a work for hire contract.

Some artists and photographers (not all) will happily create just the look you need for a fee under this contract, and then your company will control all of the copyright and permissions to that work from the moment it's created.

Of course, it's only polite and proper to make sure that the image or art provides credit to the creator (especially if you want to help promote their work so that other people can make use of their talent, too).

In our latest promotion, we at Gryphon contracted with a local artist named Jess to create the beautiful postcard you see in the image below. We are excited to share her talent with you, and look forward to our next project with her, too!

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