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A gryphon (or griffin) is a mythological beast that is a combination of an eagle and a lion. Each animal that comprises a gryphon is a predator with unique skills and senses. The eagle can soar high above but yet still see its prey far below clearly. A lion possesses great strength and cunning in its pursuit of its goals. The gryphon perhaps takes the best features of both animals and wraps them into one package. It is often featured as a guardian for precious treasure or royalty.

Gryphon Publishing Consulting takes the knowledge that comes from years of experience in the book publishing industry and combines that experience with a keen ability to express complex concepts into understandable pieces to simultaneously educate its clientele and arm them with tools to protect their intellectual property and produce the best new content around.

With more than 20 years in the publishing industry, our founder and President, Mary Jo Courchesne, has more than 20 years of experience in publishing. During her 14 year tenure at National Geographic Books, she grew Subsidiary Rights from a small department managing outgoing permissions to a rights powerhouse generating more than seven figures in subsidiary income from multiple channels each year. For the last eight years, she has also served as Adjunct Professor in The George Washington University's Masters in Publishing program where she instructs students about copyright and permissions in a course entitled Editorial Content, Rights and Permissions.

Available to authors, publishers, libraries and companies for copyright education, fair use analysis, rights clearance, and more, it is Gryphon Publishing Consulting's mission to educate its clients and help them achieve more with their content than they dreamt possible, all while remaining copyright compliant.

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